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the hand that feeds

28 April
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Like a very dear friend pointed out - this is a random dumping site for all my little off's and on's mainly because i keep on forgetting things and to contact people. Feel free to bombard me with insight or the lack thereof, since it might just inspire me to write something...or sketch for that matter.

I'm not specific about who wants to friend me, but I will not tolerate any form of hate/flamers...I'm a lover, not a fighter and I expect the same from others...took me long enough to calm down and be one *sigh* yes.

I AM random, I DO write a lot about sex and sexuality as well as my lack of understanding functionality both in and out of relationships. I have ADD and since it is said to be a female quality, I'll blame my moods on my gender -.- If I offend you or you find my journal offensive in any way - then don't read it. As simple as that - also, I've been turning it into a FFO space, so comment on any of the public entries (I leave one floating around at least once a month) and chances are I'll add you~ ♥

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